The artist performs a series of GIFs in a scene-loop for a predetermined time. GIFs represent what you feel and act, you act and feel what they represent. The virtually mundane becomes itself an artistic production and subject.

GIFLife was an interactive installation, later on, adapted into a video collage.

The installation functions as a clickbait to take photos and collect comments from viewers. Video performances of gifs were set to play one after the other in an app interface made with Max MSP. Whenever someone liked, disliked, or commented on the app GIFLife, a photo was taken and saved together with the input. The images captured were printed and pinned to the wall by the side of the installation.
The subsequent video-collage piece has a duration of 1 hour with each recorded gif-performance being 15 minutes.

interactive installation + video collage, 2018/2019