Pflanzlicher Genuss mit Herz

Nachhaltige Veganuary-Rezepte mit geretteten Zutaten

Created for SIRPLUS as a veganuary campaign. You can download both versions for free here: Pflanzlicher Genuss mit Herz

Development of concept and execution of a digital cooking book adapted for two formats: cellphone and desktop.

We know most of our customers are usually on mobile, and lets be honest, it is much more practical to cook with a phone than with a laptop. For this reason the design was initially intended for mobile, but we wanted to offer something that could also comfortably be used on a tablet  or a laptop in the kitchen! The wider format version is almost the same design, but exported as spreads instead of pages (just with a few adaptions). This means it is still possible to simply use the mobile version on desktop and set it up as seeing 2 pages side by side and you should still get a nice experience while cooking.

digital cookbook, 2024