Ñ Sou Fruta

Ñ Sou Fruta (I’m not a fruit) is a project about the use of the term "exotic" applied to people, imposing an otherness and foreignness to a person. The idea was inspired by an "exotic" food brand (Soul Fruits) and it appropriates their visual identity of stickers in packaging. This playful project personates how the term is used for both fruit and people, often fetishising the tropics and colonised countries, cultures, and bodies.

For this project, 10 stickers were developed, for 10 different tropical fruits, each of them with rhymes referencing the food brand’s style. This design was then applied in two forms: a small photo series and an Instagram filter.*

*Unfortunately, the filter is no longer available since an update on Instagram's platform.

instagram filter, stickers and photography, 2021